Don’t Wake Me

I was unable to form sentences to the man sitting next to me as the lights came up. I stumbled into the light evening unable to think of what had just happened, nor of anything else.

Cognitive behaviour was slow to return as I remembered watching the heroine break down throughout her bow. It was all too much for everyone it seems.

I then remembered her thick, beautifully wild brown hair that chased after her face, full of life, despite the ever present death standing in the wings.

I think back to the minutes of transition it took me to adjust to the rhythmic poetry of the script, like modern Shakespeare, but once there, I was completely immersed as if it were native tongue.

There were triumphs and victories that were harrowing, uplifting, mundane, extraordinary, optimistic and depressing in this tale of shape shifting dragons.

There is indeed power in solo theatre – it can be quite the stun gun. It can hit people with emotion in a way that can be too much for the faint hearted.

I’d like to think this reminded me of the power of true theatre – and not that I have only just realised this now.

I feel awakened and and dazed at the same time.

Don’t Wake Me is on at The Cockpit Theatre, London between the 5th and the 22nd of June, then it will be up in Edinburgh from the 5th-25th August at the Gilded Balloon.


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